From security consulting to overseas security for high value clients, we have what it takes to fulfill all your security needs. Our expert team of highly trained, hand selected personnel, will take the utmost care in ensuring you have peace of mind as the world changes and crime increases.

Here at Global Security Group we are everyday people who take pride in protection you and your assets. We give our solemn promise, that when the wolf growls at the door, Global Security Group will be there.


Our core values of professionalism, communication, courtesy, and commitment play a vital role in our company as they are more than just words, they are our guide. Our goal is to ensure our clients get the highest value service we can provide.

Mike Seehar

With more than 10 years of experience as an Aviation Security professional and with specialization in government management, he has extensive knowledge in the governmental, business, commercial and corporate areas in legal, financial and in the management of companies and projects.

Possesses capacities of research and development of Projects; capacity of management and management of companies; ability to research, develop and complete projects in the area of Government and Business; ability to relate diverse working groups to the achievement of a common good; notorious personnel management skills; capacity of organization and planning of companies.


Founder, CEO